Creating a wine lovers community, the Saint Louis Wine Market & Tasting Room

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Creating a Wine Lovers Community

Sharing our knowledge & bringing wines to our local market is the goal at the St. Louis Wine Market & Tasting Room.

The Saint Louis Wine Market specializes in the best-tasting wines in their category at as many price levels as possible. The Market staff having a combined 75 years’ worth of tasting experience in all realms of the wine world creates an opportunity for finding the best wines that our clientele truly appreciate. It is our concept that no matter the label, nor the vintage, the wine needs to outdo its price. It has been our experience that the smaller production, non-manipulated wines shine under these guidelines.

First and foremost, we love wine.

the St Louis Wine Market, we first and foremost love wine and attempt at all times to provide the information needed for our clientele to make the best wine purchase decisions. This allows us to constantly learn the new producers and follow winemakers into new ventures. This keeps things fresh and interesting.

A place for those who want to learn and build their own cellar.

With the changing tides of the wine business (e.g., more big box stores and online retailers) it is even more important for there to be a place for those who want to learn and build a cellar with the wine they will love. When coupled with our tasting philosophy, we have created what we intended all along, a wine lovers community.

We strive to find wines that are not distributed in Missouri and help get them to our Community.

Recently we worked with Freeman Winery & Vineyard, a small family owned Sonoma County producer, to get their wines in Missouri. Over the years we have worked with Spoonbill from New Zealand, La Spinetta form Italy and Antica Terra from Oregon to name a few unique wines that we helped bring to our community.

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